TextLess Live More announces partnership with JOYRYDE, a new mobile app with a mission  to eliminate the hazards of distracted driving.

JoyRyde users are rewarded for every mile they drive text-free and phone-free. Rewards range from discounts on car insurance to free food to free gear.

It Pays to Drive Safe. Enjoy the Ride. Enjoy the Rewards.  JoyRyde!

“We are thrilled to partner with JoyRyde on this exciting new mobile app with a mission that aligns so perfectly with TextLess Live More,” says Richard Levitan. “It’s a super smart idea whose time has come.”

JoyRyde is the brainchild of young entrepreneurs Terry Goguen ’16 and AnnaClare Smith ’16, both of Middlebury College.

“JoyRyde keeps track of how far one has traveled with their phone locked. Once unlocked, the miles are saved in a bank, and the user is then rewarded their respective miles. Each mile can be used to buy coupons and deals for a variety of things, ranging from food, to music, to gas, and even charitable donations,” says Goguen and Smith. 

 JoyRyde approached TextLess Live More to be the app’s charity partner when Goguen learned about Merritt Levitan and the TLLM story over a conversation with mutual friends this summer. Goguen, a native of Weston, Massachusetts, reached out to the Levitan Family and presented the idea of a partnership.

“The concept of rewarding versus punishing drivers fits into TextLess Live More’s positive philosophy of turning the tragedy of losing Merritt into a message of hope, action and encouragement,” says Richard Levitan. “JoyRyde and TextLess Live More aspire to change how people of all ages drive to save lives. We couldn’t be more thrilled to partner with JoyRyde in honor of Merritt.” 

For more information on JoyRyde and how to download and us the app, go to www.joyryde.co