Students at Glynn Academy in Brunswick, Georgia, sign a banner Thursday, March 24, 2016 at lunch to not text and drive.

Thursday was the culmination of the school’s participation in the TextLessLiveMore campaign, a national awareness campaign to end distracting driving and change negative social behaviors such as texting and driving in honor of Merritt Levitan, a high school graduate, who lost her life on July 3, 2013 to a driver who was texting.

“Texting and driving is our generation’s drunk driving,” said Mary Belechak, Glynn Academy’s guidance counselor, noting the TextLess Live More campaign also came to the school’s downtown campus last year to promote the movement and have students make the same pledge.”

“TextLess LiveMore is a national awareness campaign to end distracted driving and change negative social behaviors such as texting and driving. We are asking students to especially make this choice the night of prom, March 26.”

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Saturday is Glynn Academy’s Junior/Senior Prom and organizers of the awareness event encourage students never to text and drive and especially en route and returning from the weekend’s prom when tempted to SnapChat or Instagram post event.

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Members of the Glynn Academy Football team with Mary Belechak

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Students at Glynn Academy sign the pledge to not text and drive before this weekend’s prom.