TextLess Live More

TextLess Live More is a national awareness campaign founded in honor of Merritt Levitan. Our goal is to decrease excessive phone use and encourage people to disconnect from the virtual world and reattach themselves to the real world. Hopefully, our practice of “disconnecting” will translate to more substantial real-world relationships and also prevent dangerous habits like texting and driving.


TextLess Live More was founded by young people who admired Merritt Levitan’s ability to be present and live life to the fullest.

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The TextLess Live More campaign aims to decrease excessive phone-use by organizing phone-free days, thereby helping individuals focus on present social interactions. By encouraging us to disconnect from the virtual world, we hope to reattach ourselves to the real one and honor Merritt Levitan’s true and authentic way of living. Hopefully, our practice of phone-free living will not only translate to more substantial real-world relationships, but also prevent dangerous habits like texting and driving.


Always smiling, always with friends, Merritt lived in the realest way possible. She never failed to be completely attached to what was happening right in front of her. On TextLess days our goal is to facilitate human connection between participants, to spend a substantial amount time without technological distractions, simply talking, engaging or interacting. For Merritt these types of interactions were easy. She embodied life in its truest form. In this way, Merritt inspired us to start this campaign in her honor.

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Texting and driving is unacceptable. We know that, but can we help it? We pass every day connected to our phones. If we are so in the habit of texting, how can it not be instinctual to pick up our phones when we’re in the car? Although this TextLess Live More campaign is designed to prevent texting and driving, we want this movement to be bigger than that: our goal is to decrease excessive phone-use and encourage people to focus on the interactions taking place right in front of them.



Through this campaign, we encourage everyone to put down their phones to honor Merritt’s Way of living.

On “TextLess” days, all who take the pledge will turn off their phones for the entire academic day. The phone is to remain untouched for the day—no gaming, no texting, no checking the time. If you are taking the pledge, please wear a blue TextLess Live More bracelet to show your support and participation.

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